A Human Capital Management Solution

A complete HCM solution for managing and engaging your workforce.

Manage your company workforce from pre-hire to retire. An all-in-one HCM system gives your employees everything they need. You’re able to manage talent acquisition, benefits, HR, payroll, timekeeping, and more.

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Services Include

  • Seek Out and Retain the Best Talent
  • Streamline your onboarding process
  • Give employees easy access to their schedules
  • Give supervisors the tools to access employee data
  • Streamline your payroll processes
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Talent Acquisition

Source, track, and evaluate applicants to build a high-quality workforce. Create a workforce that works efficiently and effectively with your business goals in mind.

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Our Talent Acquisition Tools Allow Your Team To:

  • Automate Your Recruiting Process

    Drive efficiency and streamline your candidate monitoring with automation processes.

  • Easily Source Candidates

    Post jobs to your career website and other job boards directly from 
our tool.

  • Track applicant statuses

    Visually monitor where applicants are at within your hiring process.

  • Pre-screen candidates

    Leverage data about your current workforce to aid in your hiring process.

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Time and Labor Management

Easily manage the tedious tasks of timekeeping and labor scheduling with automated and accurate solutions. It no longer has to cause your team a headache to schedule employees, manually track their time, then manually input their timesheets.

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Our Time and Labor Tools
 Allow For:

  • Accurate Timekeeping

    Employees can clock in and out from a time clock, computer, or mobile device. Geofencing technology allows for clocking in restrictions to certain proximities and locations.

  • Easy Calendar Management

    Easily create schedules, approve time off, and maintain compliance with labor laws and restrictions.

  • Cost Control

    You’re able to take into account budget constraints that you’ve set when creating work schedules.

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HR Tools

Allow your HR team to focus on the people in your company - not paperwork and processes.

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Your Team is Able to Effectively:

  • Attract and Retain Top Talent
  • Onboard New Employees
  • Enroll Employees in Benefits Programs
  • Create An Engaging Workforce
  • Manage Employee Data
  • Maintain Company Compliance
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ACA Management

Proactively manage your company’s ACA compliance. There’s no need to risk serious financial consequences for not being ACA compliant. Use our ACA management tool in conjunction with our time and labor management tools to minimize risks and ensure the most accurate results.

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Your Team is Able to Effectively:

  • ACA Enforcement Notifications

    Managers are notified when an employee is approaching ACA eligibility.

  • Real-Time Reports

    You’re able to monitor all of your employees’ ACA statuses from
 one dashboard.

  • Enrollment Notifications

    Your team receives automatic notifications when employees are enrolled in your benefits.

  • Accurate Form Filing

    Complete and submit forms directly to the IRS.

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Payroll Services

Streamline your payroll processing and relieve your HR team of time-consuming administrative tasks.

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Our Payroll Services Ensure:

  • Complete Control

    Your team is able to control your payroll process every step of the way.

  • Access to Real-Time Info

    See all of your payroll data with intuitive reporting.

  • Accurate Payments

    Relieve your team of the stresses of ensuring employees are paid properly and on time. Our software and services aid in check printing, direct deposit, tax filing, and more.

  • Minimized Compliance Risks

    Stay organized with taxes and legislative tasks to avoid fines and penalties.

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