Manage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire. FastPay’s human capital management software gives you the tools you need to build trust, increase transparency, deliver feedback, and ultimately give your employees a great experience from their first day to their last.


FastPay’s human capital management software is:

A Single Solution for All Your HR Needs

This software has it all, including HR, payroll, scheduling, attendance, talent acquisition, and benefits - all in one system. This single solution allows you to hire more strategically, onboard employees more effectively, drive employee engagement, and deliver a great experience for everyone.



Revolutionary for Your Workforce

You’re able to empower your employees with a suite of tools that is designed to engage your employees. This platform allows your employees to easily complete daily tasks like applying for jobs, enrolling in benefits, managing time, and tracking performance.

Built to Scale

This software is built to grow as your business grows. Our customer-first support is designed to ensure long-term value from your investment.