Our Story

Founded in Lubbock, Texas in 1994, FastPay has been serving clients across the United States for over two decades with best-in-class technology and a service organization committed to the best customer service for our clients.

By continually evaluating the technological landscape in the HR industry, FastPay offers the best workforce management tools available for our customers.


Our Mission

FastPay strives to offer best-in-class technology while being obsessed with delivering an extremely positive experience for our clients so that they can take care of their most important asset: their employees.

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Satisfied clients. 

We’ve been around the block

Founded in Lubbock, Texas, in 1994, Fastpay is one of the largest payroll providers between Dallas /Fort Worth and Albequerque, NM.

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Why FastPay?

FastPay offers quick, accurate and reliable service. We work with companies all over the United States and serve clients ranging from small start-ups with one employee to companies with hundreds of employees.

  • Continual Innovation

    Innovation guides how we develop our payroll and HR technology — and how we advance it to benefit you.

  • Engaged Employees

    Satisfied and engaged employees are what drives a business forward. Our products and services help to engage your employees, aiding in happiness and retention.

  • Customer Centric

    Your needs are always first. We strive to offer top-of-the -line support and your needs drive everything we do.

  • One Platform For Your Entire Workforce

    Our full-suite HCM solutions aids you in talent management, benefits administration, HR, payroll, and more. Your employees are taken care of from pre-hire to retire.


"I love the clients I get to work with everyday. Everyday is a new opportunity for me to know them personally and help find the best solution for their individual needs."

Abbie Scott | Account Manager

Our Culture

Our team shares a passion for service to our clients and supporting the people that we work with. The office is a collaborative place and is full of individuals who possess a growth-mindset. We are constantly learning and growing and our team challenges each other to improve on a daily basis.

Our leadership team strives to keep the office environment fun and exciting because we know our employees are always working diligently to serve our clients; the least we can do is work hard to serve our employees.

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